Cannot display short instrument name or part name in score

• Jan 16, 2016 - 21:38
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor
by design


1. create new orchestral score
2. right click a part (e.g., "Clarinets in Bb")
3. select "Staff Properties..."
4. Observe that there is a short name "B b Cl."
5. display inspector
6. change Text Style to "Instrument Name (Short)"

Expected Results:
The text for the staff displays "B b Cl."

Actual Results:
The text for the staff does not change


Hmm.... OK - I see this is carrying over to the second page. So, this setting isn't how to display the text on the first page of the score.

The staff name that displays on the first system of the *score* is the *long* instrument name, so you'd need to change that style to change the text on the first system. The short name is what appears on subsequent systems in the score. As for the parts, the name that displays in the upper right corner is different still - that's "Instrument Name (Part)". Three different types of names, so three different text styles. Right clicking on the act text and choosing Text Style takes you directly to the appropriate text style, btw, so you should never need to guess.

If you have further questions, best to ask in the forum.