rests should adjust position for multiple voices

• Feb 18, 2011 - 03:37
S4 - Minor

Version 1.0, Windows Vista

1. enter three quarters on top space in voice 1 (leaving beat 4 a quarter rest)
2. enter four quarter notes on middle line in voice 2
Result: last quarter note of voice 2 overlaps rest in voice 1. Ideally, there would be an option in the Voices style settings to control positioning of rests. I expect to have to move rests manually on occasion, but a default to adjust rests by 6 spaces would be typical.


This would indeed be great (stumbled upon this too), especially since some rests can be tricky to find/select when there are quite a few notes in the other voice (see attached file)

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OK, let's try again, since the forum software decided to send my entire posting into the bit bucket.

I just checked this with the latest build (4104? I typed it before but no longer have the source handy). While the current implementation is certainly an improvement, especially with respect to identifying rests vs voices, it does not resolve the problem to the extent of being able to automatically format a score legibly (which I realize is a more difficult problem). In the example I attach, voice 1 has a G on the treble clef and thus overlaps the rest in voice 2. Though I don't have a tested algorithm handy to resolve this, I have two suggestions:

1) Allow the user to manually link a rest to the following note, with a vertical offset.

2) Automatically detect the conflict, and raise or lower the rest (in the vertical direction of the next note in the voice) until the conflict is resolved.

I know that neither of these would resolve all conflicts, but I think they would come a lot closer. Both could be used simultaneously, with a manual link overriding automatic adjustment.


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