Guitar Bend Hats

• Jan 6, 2016 - 15:37

Having searched all the palettes, there seem to be no extensible "bend hats" (a kind of slur that indicates string bends, see below) for guitarists. Any chance that this feature could be included in a future release?



In reply to by AdAMusic

No - thank you! You've made my day - I've been messing about for days trying to get some way of doing this. I'm a novice on Musescore, jumping ship from Sibelius, and string bending in notation is something I use a lot. I hate the shoddy way some programs just show the pitch the note is bent from and not where it goes to. Fine for illiterate guitarists who are really reading the tab, but if you then give the score to any other instrument, it's all wrong.

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