Need Help Input Notes (Beginner)

• Jan 5, 2016 - 13:51

Hy im a very beginner and i realy dont know how to get this working.

Can someone watch the picture down here and explain me, step by step how i can put the notes in like the same way.

its 6/8 song

i tryd it in any way but somethings gonna wrong :(

The part above: There are 8 and 16 notes but i dont know how to put them together like in the picture
The part below: When im put in the first half note, its jumps directly to the next measure, and i cant put in any other notes, im confused

sry for bad english

thank you

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1) Keystrokes for Windows in set (6/8, Gm) blank measure:
4, D, 3, F, D, 4, +, [Repeat with 1st duration 1/8 already set:] D, 3, F, D, 4, +
I do not know what problem you encounter, but default beaming (‘how to put them together’) corresponds to the picture.

2) See Voices.

For the upper stave you'll need to use ties:
For the lyrics on those notes:
For the lower stave you'll want to use voices:
For 'CHORUS' you'll probably want to go with System Text:

I've attached a score with that measure entered as an example, using nothing but information from those 4 links.

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