Multiple Lines of Copyright?

• Jan 4, 2016 - 06:29

I'm trying to write the copyright for a newer piece of mine, and I'd like to have multiple lines of text at the bottom. This was pretty easy in 1.3, but I can't figure out who to do it in the "Info..." menu. Any tips?


As far as I can tell from the forums, you can't yet wrap text in the copyright field to occupy multiple lines.
I was able to work out a "cheat" way to have it appear in several lines, which I needed since my copyright line was clear across a page and then some. (Caveat: It is not possible to produce this on the first page only, as far as I can see. But at least it can be only on odd-numbered pages).

1) When creating your score, go ahead and put all the copyright information in the copyright field. That way it will be handy later.
2) Once score is created, in the "File..Info.." menu, click "New" in the bottom left corner. Name the new meta tag "copyright2". Create meta tags as for as many additional lines as you will need.
3) Manually cut and paste the excess copyright information from the "copyright" field into the new copyright fields.
4) Click OK and exit the File..Info popup.
5) Go to Style..General..Header,Footer,Numbers . See under footer text where it says "$:copyright:"? Click in that box after the existing text, and hit enter. Type $:copyright2: below the copyright line. Repeat process with any remaining portions of your copyright notice. The box's contents will appear like this:


6) Change nothing else. Hit OK to accept and exit (or you can test with Apply, but if you aren't located over the front page footer, you won't be able to scroll to see it).
7) You should now have a multi-line copyright notice.

Note: Do not substitute the command $C for $:copyright: on the first line in the footer box, or all copyright notices after the first will be missing the first line.

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I find that somewhat confusing. Jojo-Schmitz's method is easier than yours, and definitely easier than my attempt. It also has the advantage of being able to be placed on the first page only with the $C command, which your method cannot do.

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