Request for additional ways of filtering / selecting only articulations, lyrics etc.

• Jan 3, 2016 - 12:28
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It seems not to be possible to filter only articulations, lyrics etc.
These filters only seem to work together with voice.
If this is not a bug, I would like to request it as a highly useful feature!

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No, I wasn't aware of that. Works really fine for me!
Anyway I think it would be good to have the possibility also over the selection box ...

Currently, the selection filter works on a *range* - the type of selection with a blue box - and is used to *exclude* certain element types from this range. There is currently no concept of using the selection filter to select individual items. While I'm sure it might be possibile to desgn such a facility, it would be a pretty major change to how things work. Something to keep in knd for some day, though. Meanwhile, though, indeed the right click men already works well for that purpose.

BTW - it seems, as this doesn't work for triples/n-toles. If that would be possible, it could help to adjust the triplets numbers for lute parts!

The right-click method of selecting chord symbols seems limited to me. I want to be able to copy only the chord symbols in a range, but it appears I can only copy all in the staff or one system. Is it possible to select a measure range?

Title It is not possible to filter and select only articulations, lyrics etc. Request for additional ways of filtering / selecting only articulations, lyrics etc.

Since we already have working methods, this request is really just for *additional* methods.

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I have never figured out how to select a range of lyrics only, without using ctrl-click to add each lyric item.

In 2.1.9, I select a range of measures, right click on a lyric and 'Select all similar items' and all of the lyrics in the piece get selected.

As I mainly use MuseScore with 4 part choral works. The ability to select a range of lyrics, copy them (with the appropriate ' -_' breaks, then paste the entire selection somewhere else, rather than the current word at a time method, would be very nice.

Not at all sure how multi-verse lyrics could be handled though.

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Oops, just learned the difference between "...all similar" and "... all similar in range." As I have gotten into the habit of keeping lyrics with proper break symbols in a separate text file, I'm more than halfway there.

Copying the selected range of lyrics doesn't seem to produce anything in the clipboard.

Indeed, similar in range is useful for what you describe. See also the "More" option in the menu, which allows for selection by system, by voice, by verse, etc.

Not sure what you mean about copying not producing anything in the clipboard. Copy and paste should work fine with lyrics: select the lyrics however you like (including "Select / All Similar Elements in Range Selection), Ctrl+C to copy, click the desired starting point for the copy, Ctrl+V paste. Maybe you mean, pasting into a different program? For that, try Edit / Tools / Copy Lyrics to Clipboard.

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This feature request is not descriptive enough. We have several ways to select lyrics and articulations only already. Please open new feature requests or discuss feature request on the forum before submitting: