Dynamics issues

• Dec 28, 2015 - 20:59

In my song, I will place certain dynamics down, and it won't change how loud it sounds in the app or online.
There will also be parts of the music that get louder suddenly (without dynamics) or softer suddenly (without dynamics). It will last for a measure then revert back. Also, triple fortes make mezzo-piano volumes? Certain notes are also louder than other notes for some reason.
What is happening and how do I fix this .-.
Along with this, I'm putting all sorts of dynamics down and it's not affecting the volume at all.


If you import a MIDI file, each note has its own volume set that overrides any dynamic marks you add. To reset this, select all measures, click the "Notes" button in the Inspector, and then reset the "Velocity" value to User Offset = 0. After that, dynamics will behave normally.

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