Where is Bars per system/line?

• Dec 28, 2015 - 12:01

I have just upgraded and can't find this in the usual edit style?

All i want to do is have 4 bars per line.....

Thank you!


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Also, i have many songs with lyrics on a grand stave....as i type in new lyrics etc, the font is different even though it is still 'freeserif' as on the older version

Is there a way of making all the lyric fonts uniform?

Many thanks

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They will be automatically in new scores. If you have an older score you open and then start editing further in a newer version, there could indeed be a font mismatch. Best way to bring everything upo to date would be to right click one lyric, then from the popup menu click "Select / All Similar Elements", then press the "Reset Text to Style" button in the Inspector. This will make all lyrics uniform and controllable via the Text Style settings, so that changes to the text stryle will affect all lyrics for that score.

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The uniform 4 lines per every measure may be impossible if you have measures with lots of 16th and shorter notes in them. You will never shrink the measure enough to fit 4 measures on the page. Speaking of shrinking measures. If you select the entire score (ctrl-a) and then press { a bunch of times the measures will eventually have the stretch decreased to the maximum amount possible, so some more of the lines will be how you want. I don't know how many times it is effective but it is quite a few. The lines that are left with fewer measures you will have to decide how to deal with, probably by adjusting the line breaks to put them back in sequence with what looks good to you. There are some things you can play with in the Style|General... dialog from the menu, especially under Measures that will allow some more measures, but as I said, if there are too many short notes, you will never get 4 on every line.

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Editors mostly live with it.

I did a quick test with 3 copies of your sample measure. It started with one on each of 3 of my pages (size does not matter...really :B). I used the { button to get them down to 2 measures on a line. I used the measure setting under Style|General... and ended up with 1 more. I drastically reduced every minimum distance. Some of the changes are visible on every line, some are only visible on the lines with these 3 measures crammed on them because MS will distribute the notes in the measure as best it can. I tried to add a fourth measure, but with my settings it did not work.

If you want this on the conductors score and the parts, you will have to use the { button on each part as well as the score. The Style|General... changes can be applied to all parts or the current part only. Chose apply to all parts if you like.

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