Piano Bass Notes Dropping in pitch placement when Deleting Sheets with <cntl> <del>

• Dec 27, 2015 - 19:52

Tester: Duvania
Date: 12/27/2015

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium; Product ID: 00359-OEM-8992687-00010.
HW: AMD-A4-3300M APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.90 GHz.
Memory: 6.00 GB
System Type: 64 bit
Model: HP Pavilion G7
MuseScore Version: 2.0.2; Revision: f51dc11

Description of problem:
Using the 'control' and 'delete' buttons to delete both the first and second sheets of a multi-staff composition containing piano staff at the top and strings staffs below it results in piano bass notes contained in other pages dropping in placement (I'm including a four sheet .mscz test file).

To reproduce the problem:
Using the furnished test file, select the first rest on the top staff of the first sheet.
Hold down the 'shift' key, and select the last rest on the second sheet.
Release the 'shift' key.
Press the 'control' key and hold it down.
Press the 'delete' key, then release both keys.

The piano bass notes on the fourth sheet will have been moved downward 12 steps

Using the SECOND rest on the first page, instead of the FIRST rest, does not result in the problem being reproduced.


In the Instruments list you have a piano with two treble staves. In the score you have a bass clef at the beginning of the first measure of the second stave. When you delete this measure you also delete the bass clef and MuseScore reverts to the original clef at creation which, in this case, is a treble clef. The notes in the 4th page have not moved down in pitch - they have remained at the same pitch but have moved down in position as they are now on a treble-clef stave. Why you have a two-treble-clef-staved piano in the first place is not known to me.

The problem of two treble staves on the instruments list is in the earliest version that I have, which is more than one year old. I guess the real question is:
1) Why does the instruments list show two treble staves, while the score shows one treble and one bass?
2) How did it get this way?

After more than a year since it was created, I don't remember the sequence of operations that set this up. However, in the beginning I did start with numerous instruments, then deleted all but the piano. The thing is, I don't recall if the result is what I used, or if I dumped that score and started with a fresh new score, adding only the piano instrument, before beginning this composition.

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Looking at this some more, it looks like the bass stave can be deleted from the instruments list, and in trying to re-add it, the piano grand grand stave was added, by default, with no way to add only a bass stave. Then, I deleted the bass stave, instead of the treble stave, leaving the two treble staves. But on the score, it looked like the bass stave is where it should be, so I thought it was Ok.

I notice that when trying to delete one of the two treble staves, the 'remove' button is by default greyed out, and not clickable. Same goes if there are two bass staves, or any combination of treble and bass staves that is the result of a matching stave(s) on a grand stave having been deleted.

So, any time one deletes either the bass or treble stave, they are permanently stuck with the one that is left, and this goes, no matter how many duplicate treble or bass staves there are. Is this by design? I think it's a bug.

To be more clear, the problem is in the earliest version of the score that I have, but that is after going back and checking in the earliest version. Had it not been in the most recent version of the sae score, updated a few days ago, it would have never been noticed. You need step by step instructions to reproduce this most simple and obvious problem? Oh, brother.... I will send instructions on how to start a new score, add a piano grand stave, delete the bass stave, add another grand stave, delete the bass stave, and then try to delete one of the remaining treble staves (which BTW one of which apparently will show up as a bass stave. I think we called this unit testing.

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The problem is that I don't understand the problem :-). There have been several posts here talking of specific combinations of deleting notes or removing staves and adding staves, and it don't understand which specific behavior you find to be a bug. I have noticed any problem removing or adding staves, and I've done this hundreds of times; I've deleted notes tens of thousands of times and never seen an obvious problem. So I'm just trying to udnerstand what you think the bug is.

So I just tried what you listed above. I created a new score, added piano grand staff, deleted the bass staff, added another piano grand staff, deleted its bass clef. When I went to delete the treble staff from one of the remaining instruments, the Remove button was greyed out just as it should be. You can't remove the only remaining staff for an instrument; an instru,ent with no staves makes no sense. You would need to remove the instrument itself, and that works exactly as it should. So I am not seeing a bug.

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Ok... My fault. This also includes the matter of perhaps needing a regression test script, which I didn't consider. I'll post (not necessarily today) something more concise so that the bug can be easily reproduced. I noticed a similar and more annoying problem with severely shifting diminuendos and other staff text that is difficult to delete after notes have been copied and pasted to other instrument staves. Perhaps it is due to the same problem, or maybe not. I will furnish reports on both, but this problem, first.

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