Slurs on grace notes

• Dec 26, 2015 - 09:32

I am only able to slur grace notes to the following note. Usually, selecting two notes and adding a slur joins a range between those notes, but this behaviour does not occur when selecting grace notes.


I'd still call that a bug. Usually you want to slur all the grace notes to the main note or at least have the expectation that they will behave in the same way as other notes to which you apply a slur.

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They *do* behjave consistently - pressing "S" with a note selected normally adds a slur to the next note only. You are asking for it to act *differently* from other notes - detecting the existence of grace notes and doing something special. That is fine, and makes sense as a feature request, but it's not a bug that it is currently consistent - that's the way it is designed to work. It would be convenient if we did special case grace notes in this way, I agree.

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I think you misunderstand. No special casing is being asked for. Look closer at the first image—two notes are selected.

Usually, list-selecting discontiguous notes and pressing [S] will slur between the selected notes. With grace notes, this fails, and slur only goes from the first selected note to the note following it. This is not consistent behavior.

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I guess you're right. I was assuming the OP wanted standard grace note appearance, in which the grace notes are slurred *to the main note*. The image shown strikes me as non-standard. But with two grace notes selected individually, sure, I guess that could add between jsut those two grace notes, even though that case does not come up often. I'd be more concerned about the common case, though, and optimizing for it.

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The point is that currently it doesn't work as per normal/usual/standard. if you select all the grace notes and the main note and then apply a slur you would expect the graces notes all to slur onto the main note but what actually happens is that only the first two grace notes get slurred and you have to manually adjust it to achieve the desired - ie normal/usual/standard - slur marking.

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Yes, I get that now. I was thinking the OP wanted to just click the first gracer note and have it automatically extend all the way to the main note.

As for why things currently don't work as people are expecting when making range or list selections, the problem is that grace notes are not normal notes, so they aren't accounted for in selections the same as normal notes. So internally,we *would* need to special-case grace notes, so that they *appear* to work more like normal notes. Feel free to file a bug report.

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