Multiple Dynamics in one instrument

• Dec 26, 2015 - 05:27

So I have a song that has div. with one part f and one part pp. But when I play it back, both parts are f. I tried making the parts voice 1 and voice 2 but they still come together as one.

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A method to apply a dynamic to just a voice is indeed missing. Only option currently is to manually adjust the notes' velocity in inspector

I think another option is to make the following (for a Piano piece): Create the score selecting Piano as the first instrument. Then, still in the Add Instruments dialog, Remove the second stave (Bass clef) of the piano. Click Next, etc. And add again the same Piano instrument, but this second time removing the treble clef (first stave). I tried that way and the dynamics markings for each stave sound independent.

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Hi Jojo,

Yes, yes, the method mentioned by Soichi works, but only until I change (again) the dynamic marking - at which momement I'm forced to open the inspector again and reassign.

I'm attaching a sample to understand what I mean. I even tried selecting all the markings (via Select all similar elements in the same staff..then changing to Staff as you and Soichi mention), but on playback the last C note in the treble part doesn't sound as pp . Musescore 2.0.2.

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You aren't really supposed to ever close the Inspector - it's meant to be open all the time. So it shouldn't be a big inconvenience to assign a velocity to a dynamic marking - immediately after adding it via double click, it will automaticaqlly be selected, so a single click in the Inspector allows you to set the desired property. But if for some reason you have closed it, a single keystroke re-opens it (F8). So it's still only two clicks away.

The sort of thing shown in your example (different dynamic markings in different staves for the same part) is very uncommon in published music, so this shoudln't come up very often anyhow.

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Well, yes. I don't have open the element inspector all times (I hate switching focus away from the score, but it's just a personal preference of course), and you're right that it's uncommon have different dinamics between bass and treble piano parts. I just wanted to give another option that for me seems valid and perhaps more easy, for this special case.

Thanks for the tips, Marc

(edited): the case I submitted has nothing to do with assigning separate dynamics for each voice inside the same staff. I just read the samples submitted minutes ago, it works pretty good - thanks again for this tip

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