Secondary voice pasting

• Feb 7, 2011 - 09:11

There's a bug, but I'm not sure how to deal with it - it seems to be carrying over elements from the first voice, causing confusion.

1. Create 4/4 piano score.
2. Insert a secondary voice crotchet.
3. Drag-select and copy it.
4. Paste it into an empty bar.

Result: Although the secondary voice crotchet has pasted, it has also copied the first voice semibreve rest (there should be a crotchet rest, instead of a dislodged semibreve rest).

Next bug (continuing on):

5. In the following bar, fill it with first voice crotchets.
6. Paste your secondary voice crotchet into that bar.
7. Drag-select the secondary voice crotchet.

Expected result: Only the secondary voice crotchet is selected.
Actual result: It will grab the rest of the score, unless there's a secondary voice somewhere later on, in which it'll grab up-to that point. I am also unable to place secondary voice notes anywhere in the bar, other than the first crotchet. The first crotchet of the first voice was deleted (not sure how this should be handled).

Using MuseScore 1.0.0 pre-release 2 (3949) and Mac 10.4.11.



I think I am experiencing the same/similar bug. I am attaching the file where I get problems.
Using MuseScore 1.0 on Windows.

The pedal score has two voices. Although all measures contain 4 quarter notes, I have lots of quarter-rests, which I think appeared after copy-pasting the second voice first and then adding the first voice. I made some of the rests invisible as a workaround, playback seems to work correctly.

Now here is the funny thing:
- in measure 14, first voice ends with a sixteenth note, rest is also a sixteenth now.
- If you delete the contents of a measure in the pedal staff, the additional rest seems to move to the next staff
- I tried to delete everything in the third staff to start from scratch, but then I get some very interesting pause durations in the empty staff (like a single quarter rest in the entire measure), which I am not able to get rid of, seems more like there are now some beats missing in the third staff.

This is a serious bug for me, since it seems I cannot recover the correct timing in this file anymore, I guess I have to copy the first two staves to a new file and create the third staff again, avoiding copy-paste..

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