File corrupted after crash that was caused by creating parts

• Dec 19, 2015 - 21:44

I finished up my score and was creating parts when Musescore 2.0 crashed. The file is now corrupted and I'm unable to open or use the hidden file to restore my work. Does anyone have another way of uncorrupting the file? Thanks!

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Be advised that there are *two* different types of backups and two different places where score copies are stored.

The backup copies in the session directory (location depends on your OS) are cryptically named with alphanumeric characters (e.g. scrR6816.mscz), so you must open each to see if it's the score you want.


While it's certainly posasible that creating parts might trigger a crash, that would never overwrite your score - only a save operation would. So if your score is corrupted now, that must have happened on the last save, no on the generation of parts. But it seems odd that it wouldn't have crashed at that time, then. Are you sure about the circumstances here? Are you sure it wasn't a crash during a save?

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Here are the actions to led to the crash.

1. Saved Score - nothing wrong seemed to occur at this time.
2. Went to Files - Parts
3. Selected All New
4. Also clicked all of the parts for editing (5 string parts from a string orchestra score)
5. Clicked OK.
6. Musescore then closed the parts window, the "spinning wheel" (using Mac OS10.10) began and then the program crashed.
7. Tried to open the score again, received a window that said that Musescore did not close correctly and did I want to restore my last session, I clicked ok.
8. Received the error that the file is corrupt.

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