Runtime error with image attached

• Feb 6, 2009 - 21:52

I've been able to recreate one of the two problems I'm having. I just downloaded and installed version 0.9.4 on Windows XP. I've installed the program on my drive letter D:.

When I drag an image (stored on my D: drive) onto the score, it shows up as only a tiny, empty box. If I edit and drag it larger, there's still no image, just an empty box. Then if I try to save the score, or if it auto-saves with the not-really-there-image, I get a runtime error. I've determined that this only happens if the image is NOT on the C: drive. In other words, if I copy the image to my C: drive first, then drag it the score, it works just fine. It makes no difference if the score file is saved on drive C: or D:.

The other problem that I haven't been able to recreate is that in the process of trying to recreate the above issue, I've had two scores wiped out completely. I open them and it's just a blank sheet of paper. I've only just started working with version 9.4, so I can only assume this was related to the image issue. Though it makes me nervous to work on more scores knowing that they could go blank the next time I open them.

One more issue, which is less of a big deal. Musescore writes what I assume are temp files ("msgq3844" with no extension) in my "songs" directory and they never get deleted. If I delete them by hand, it seems to make no difference to the file.



Does the score still appear blank if you close it and open via File > Open?

If you have the "continue last session" option checked and you move a file then the score will appear blank because the file is no longer where it used to be.

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I have deleted the files in question, but I believe I tried opening it through File > Open. Even if I didn't, I never changed the location of either score, so that shouldn't have been the issue. I also tried dragging and dropping the score file into MuseScore with no luck, so it definitely wasn't a "file not found" issue.

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Drag-and-dropping files into MuseScore causes the score to appear blank on Windows. This is a known issue with 0.9.4 (previous versions didn't allow drag-and-drop). Use File > Open instead.

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