Musescore crash loading MIDI file

• Feb 4, 2011 - 19:35

I have a particular MIDI file that causes MS to terminate when loading. Other MIDI's work fine.

I am running bother MS and 1.0.0 Rev 3949.
I have Win 7

The sequence is:
1) start MS
2) open file
3) select file
4) set the shortest note to 1/16
5) MS terminates.

I can open the file fine if I leave the shortest note setting to 1/64.

The file was created by Voyetra Musicwrite, pretty old stuff. It was recorded via MIDI keyboard. I tried opening in Sibelius and saving a new .mid, and tried the same sequence, and MS crashed on that as well.

I've attached the file in case this is useful.

Attachment Size
C-593.mid 9.37 KB

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