The previous session quit unexpectedly

• Feb 3, 2011 - 11:57

What triggers the "The previous session quit unexpectedly. Restore session? Yes/No" dialog?

It appears although MuseScore didn't crash. In fact it's still running and I just want to open a new file (per commandline).

Clicking Yes, a new MuseScore instance starts with the old session + the new file in a new tab.
Clicking No, a new MuseScore instance starts with the new file only.

Expected behaviour: No dialog, no new instance, just a new tab with the new file in an already running instance. Double-Clicking on a *.mscz file in Windows Explorer works like expected.


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found the reason.
I had redirected TMP to another folder than usual (not C:\Windows\Temp). It seems that MuseScore can't create the "qtsingleapp-mscore-49a2-0-lockfile" there and thus the behaviour. Redirected TMP again to a different folder (still not C:\Windows\Temp) and it works normal, I believe. ;-)
Tested with 0.9.6.x and 1.0 Pre2 on Win XP

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