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• Dec 12, 2015 - 06:16

Hey all, hope this is ok to post here.

Long time musician short time pianist, I was wondering if anyone here could help me with this basic fingering pattern.

I'm having trouble with this first bass clef chord

currently in order to hit this I'm using my pinky, middle finger, and thumb. But it feels like I'm doing something wrong, it puts my hand in a very awkward position.

(pinky for the D#, middle for the G, and thumb for the D)

is this the correct way to play this?
Thanks for any help


Context is important, but that's a Eb Maj 7 voicing. It's a common fingering that you are using.

Generally the fingering that feels most comfortable AND allows you to move in and out of the specific chord you are talking about is the best. Do you have a fingering that feels more comfortable?

Actually, if under practised, almost any fingering feels awkward. :)

ps: I'm curious why you would call the lowest note D#? Makes me think you might be a guitar player. :)

pps: a good exercise would be to take that voicing and that fingering and move it up and down chromatically.

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Caught me, guitar player and violist

I'm very new to the piano so it's probably feels strange because it's unpracticed as you said. I tried using pinkie-index-thumb and it feels quite a bit more natural.

Mostly I'm afraid of learning bad habits that I will have to un-learn in the future

I'll try that excercise!
Thanks a ton for the help,

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