MuseScore process doesn't terminate under Windows XP Pro SP3

• Feb 3, 2011 - 08:56

After closing the application (last official release, v0.9.6.3), the window disappears but the process doesn't terminate has to be killed using the Windows Task Manager (actually, I use Sysinternal's Process Explorer). Windows XP Professional SP3.



There are a couple of known incompatibilities that can hold the musescore process. Can you check Known incompatibilities ?

If you don't find your case in this page, can you give us your soundcard model ? Which driver do you use ? Have you any particular hardware? Do you use ASIO?

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Yes, I have the Maple Virtual MIDI driver! At least it is installed here, on the PC at office: I'm going to check tonight at home then I'll report here, I'm not sure it's there too - maybe at home I have installed MidiYoke, in which case MidiYoke could have to be added to the list of incompatibilities.

Anyway, now that I recall, I had the same issue with Maple with some software I wrote: I wonder what the heck does MidiOX to close it properly! (seems it's the only software which handles every possible MIDI driver with no issues...)


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