"source" metatag not preserved when uploading to musescore.com

• Dec 7, 2015 - 00:49

I was using the source metatag to advise on the original source of the score.

However after uploading the score to my account (musescore.com) and downloading it back to my computer, I have noticed that this has been replaced with a reference e.g. http://musescore.com/score/12345678

Is this behaviour intended? And if it is so, then it should be reflected in the documentation (https://musescore.org/en/handbook/score-information).

I could (and probably will) create another metatag e.g. source+ or originalSource and use it instead of source but I will need to apply it to all my existing scores before I start uploading them. This can be automated if one is familiar with shell scripts but for most users it will mean re-editing the scores, possibly hundreds of them.

And BTW how can I delete a metatag within MuseScore?
At the moment, when I accidentally mistype the metatag name I need use the backdoor and open .mscx file with a plain text editor.


So it means effectively that source metatag should not be used for any other user content (if one will upload the score to musescore.com).

I can live with that and rename my source metatags to source+ because I don't want to loose that information.

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If you upload right from MuseScore (File > Save Online ...) then the source will be injected in the score file automatically. Next time you go to Save Online, it will know based on the source it's an existing score you may either want to update, either you wish to create a new online score. That's something you can chose the Save Online dialog. Perhaps you knew this already, but just in case.

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Right—I'm talking about using File -> Save Online from a score without a "source" to replace a score already on musescore.com. The only way to enable the "Update existing score" checkbox in the dialog is either of the methods I described—manually entering the URL of the "source", or working through the website and downloading a replacement file that automatically comes with that "source."

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