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• Jan 30, 2011 - 19:37

Colouring the notes outside of instrument ranges is a very helpful feature for writing playable scores (especially if you are inexperienced with a particular instrument), but it's rather annoying that I can't (unless I have missed the function) change the parameters of instruments. For example, I am writing for a baritone at the moment. Musescore says that the baritone range ends on the low A of bass clef, which just isn't true. All other references to baritone range I have found show it extending to the F below this, and all of the baritones I know (myself included) can reach the low F with relative comfort. It would thus be helpful if there were some way of changing the parameters of an instruments range in order to suite your needs. I realise that you can turn note colouring off and that out of range notes aren't red when you print the score, but it I like the range feature and I can see it would be useful for other purposes to be able to change the range of a set instrument.


Please continue to report any mistakes you see in MuseScore. I changed the ranges for future versions of MuseScore. However it is possible to edit the instrument ranges yourself by right-clicking on an empty part of a staff and choosing "Staff Properties". The ranges are expressed as MIDI pitch numbers .

[Fixed in revision 3941 (development trunk and stable branch)]

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On certain instruments, certain players have different ranges. If writing for specific players, is there a way to change the range so it will will not mark some notes on this particular score? For example, it is marking an F out of range, where as the violinist I am writing for will have no problem playing it.

Good morning, In the same idea, is there a way to "save" settings if you modify them? For instance, in proposed instruments there's a Bb tuba available but its tune is basically C. And here in Europe (Greetings from Brussels, by the way) we usually play on euphoniums and tubas in Bb, so that I have to change it manually each time (via the staff properties). Could I edit this once and for all? Thanks in advance.

Thierry. :-)

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If you want a transposing Tuba take either "Bb Wagner Tuba" or "Tuba (Treble clef)", depending on whether you want bass or treble clef.

Another optoin is to make the change once, save it as a template and henceforth use that template to create new scores.

Thanks for your feedback Jojo! Bb Wagner Tuba is fine! But just for my curiosity, how should I save the template?

I would also like to be able not to only set a range but be able to remove certain notes from the playable range. For example, I am looking at a score now I changed to baroque oboe and I'll have to manually check that the music doesn't hit a non-playable note. It has middle C, but it doesn't actually have C#4. There are many cases of period instruments that are not fully chromatic.

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