Moving a flag after a dotted note

• Nov 28, 2015 - 21:57

In the basic triplet pattern (I'm on beat 1 of a 2/4 bar in a violin part):
dotted eighth note - sixteenth note - eighth note
I find the default for the flag on the sixteenth note to point to the right, when it should be pointing to the left. Is there a way to flip the flag to the proper side of the stem? I must be overlooking something somewhere. Thanks.


I don't think that option exists, but maybe it could get added, select, Shift+X, similar to flipping noteheads to the other side of a stem. seems to be a good choice?

See #58061: Beam direction of uneven triplets wrong. This is one of those things that depending on the intended result and interpretation of different guidelines, different possibilities might be considered correct. But I do agree that most of the time, one wants what you want. The default for this case was therefore changed, but not until after the release of 2.0.2. It should be as you expect for the next release.

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I forgot - meanwhile the re is a workaround. Click the third note of the group, double click the "Beam 16th sub" icon on the "Beam Properties" paletyte (be sure to be in the "Advanced" workspace using the controls at the bottom of the palette window). This will make it look correct in 2.0.2, and it should contionue to look right in future relerases even though it won't be necessary any more.

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