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• Feb 4, 2009 - 15:56


I'm trying to open a musescore file in inkscape.

In musescore I save the sheet music as a .svg. Then I open it in inkscape. It looks basically ok, except that the note heads are replaced with chinese characters and a few other symbols are messed up.

I'm running 64-bit ubuntu studio 8.04

I read on this site that many graphics programs don't have the right fonts and that I need to add the font. I've added via synaptic the microsoft truetype fonts. I can't find a musescore font package. This site says musescore uses lilypond fonts, but I already have lilypond installed. My guess is that I need to do something with the musescore fonts so inkscape sees them. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


MuseScore uses indeed the Lilypond feta font, but it's slightly modified. You should be able to find the fonts on your file system, somewhere in the subdirectories of MuseScore (mscore).

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Thank you for the help. I searched for mscore on the file system and get 3 folders: mscore, mscore-0.9, and mscore-common. I don't see any font folders in these folders. Just things like docs, demo, wallpapers. Should I be looking for a folder called fonts or something else?

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Hi, thank you for your help. I feel like I'm getting somewhere but am not quite there yet.

I downloaded the sources for MuseScore. I extracted mscore-0.9.3.tar.bz2 to a folder mscore-0.9.3 on my desktop. Then I searched for .ttf files with
~Desktop/mscore-0.9.3$ find . -name *.ttf
This returned 0 files.
However, I found a folder called fonts with 4 files in it.
They are:

I copied this folder to /usr/share/fonts/truetype

when i open my sheet music in inkscape, it looks a little better. The chinese characters are gone, but the note heads are )'s and several other things are still messed up.

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Svg output is experimental and did not work in current versions. The fonts in the generated svg files have sizes of -1pt which is obviously wrong.
It is not sufficient to copy font to /usr/share/fonts, you must install them with some tools. On kubuntu there is a function in "system settings" to install fonts.

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thank you. i followed your link and found a file mscore-20.ttf but i dont know what to do with it. i click on it and it shows a page in my browser with a bunch of symbols and other text. someone else here said i need to install the font (somehow) and that simply copying a font to a folder doesnt work. i'm running ubuntu studio 8.04. Is there a fonts installer that you know of?

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