[SOLVED] Inconsistencies among installations

• Nov 16, 2015 - 09:33

Hi there!
I have MuseScore 2.0.2 installed on three devices of mine: a Windows XP, Mageia Linux (compiled from source), and Ubuntu 14 (from MuseScore own repository). Now, my problems are the following:

  • On Mageia Linux (compiled from source), exporting to PDF has some items appearing as empty boxes (in my case: 8va treble and bass clefs, parentheses around a flat, staccato dots لآلات الريكوردر.pdf).
  • On Ubuntu 14 (from MuseScore own repository), a downloaded plugin won't show in the menu (so, unusable).

I have no idea what could be missing in either case... So, your suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hosam Adeeb Nashed


on Mageia it Looks as if you have (a wrong version of) some MuseScore font installed, mscore or bravura probably.
in Ubunto, does the the plugin Show int he plugin Manager?
But I think there is a known issue with Ubuntu, the PPA and a missing dependency, QtQuick or some such.

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In Ubuntu, the plugin does show in the Plugin Manager, but not in the Plugins menu.

As for Mageia, I only have three fonts in the /usr/share/fonts/mscore/ directory, and all dating from Oct 2014, all TTF, and all start with mscore-. By contrast, the build directory of MuseScore 2.0.2 does contain much more than that! And I don't know where these should go if I need to put them somewhere manually, as they seem not to have been put where they should by the make install script...

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Thanks a million!!

You've just drawn my attention to an issue: I never uninstalled the older MuseScore 1.3, installed from Mageia repositories. You see, I still need some of the older plug-ins, as no newer ones of the same functionality exist yet. But I tried a trick, and it worked just fine: I put all the other "mscore" fonts in the same place, seeing as they haven't the same names. The PDF now comes they way it should.

Many, many thanks again. :-D

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Actually, all versions of MuseScore react badly if the wrong version of a font is installed. That is, 1.3 will not be happy if the 2.0 version of the font is installed, and vice versa. The correct installation is to have *no* versions of these fonts installed, so both version of MuseScore use their own internal version rather than what is installed.

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There are problems with that though, as I've mentioned before - some vector graphics programs capable of importing PDF files cannot interpret MuseScore generated PDFs properly without a copy of the MuseScore fonts in the Windows font directory.

eg this output from Inkscape with font substitution turned off

I still couldn't solve the problem of MuseScore 2.0.2 under Ubuntu 14 not being able to show a certain plug-in that works fine in other installations.

I did make sure QtQuick Controls are installed, and the plug-ins that come with the installation do work. So, I have no idea why a particular plug-in (QuarterTonePlayback, downloaded from the site) works on Mageia and Windows but not on Ubuntu!!!

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