How to move a section

• Nov 16, 2015 - 04:06

How can one best move a section? I have several pieces in one score, each a section with a title in a text frame. I want to rearrange them. As it happens, each takes up one or two whole pages, so this is equivalent to reordering the pages. Even to move one section to the end, it seems I have to set up the correct time signature in advance, and put any changes of time signature in the correct location, since correcting them afterward sometimes turns half notes into slurred quarters, etc. Also the text frame, any system text, and line breaks are not transferred and have to be reentered. Is there a better way?


Hmm, maybe.this: save sections as different files (delete other sections, save as, undo, delete, save as...) then use the Album Feature to join them again

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