How can you set Musescore metronome so it click for each 1/8 note?

• Nov 13, 2015 - 18:16

Hi everyone

I have been trying to make MS metronome to click on each 1/8 note. It doesn't seem to work. No matter how I change tempo or tempo marking. Metronome still beat for each quarter note. I am working on a piece with multiple time signatures (3/4, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8, 7/8). It will be really helpful to hear the beat for 1/8 note.

(one work-around I can think of is to simply insert a drum set of 1/8 notes, but it's very cumbersome, and doesn't look very good either).

Any help is appreciated.



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Noticed this is a few years old, wondered if "adding non-standard metronome options " has happened?

What I'm trying to do is let students hear the metronome click 8ths evenly in 6-8.

What I did for 4-4 was to set the time signature to 8-8, works fine.

If I change 3-4 to 6-8 it clicks in time, of course, but accents the 1st and 4th clicks.

I'd prefer to have it in the metronome rather than an additional staff with 8ths if possible.


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OK - maybe I'm not looking in the right place -

I'm using and the only options I see on the play panel are count in option, off and on, and 3 sliders for metronome volume, tempo and master volume.

And I'd really like to be able to save it with an export, didn't think that was an option and don't see a way to choose that.

I looked through the bar on top with the play panel open (file - edit - view etc) and didn't see anything that looked like it pertains to the play panel or metronome.

What am I missing?

Thanks for having a look.


Filling a staff with eighth notes should be very quick and simple. Just enter a few them, select them, then hold the "R" key to repeat the selection until you hit the end of the score. You can then make the staff invisible (Edit / Instruments, uncheck the "Visible" option).

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Good solution!!!

But, I think the point here is about some basic issue of the music: Where is the accent to count the rhythm rule? Or... Which note(s) the metronome should mark? ???

6/8 is a binary compound tempo: 6 eight notes in 2 groups of 3 notes per group. It means that the way to count it is: 1 (accentuated) - 2 - 3, 4 (accentuated) - 5 - 6... and so and on. The metronome marks the two accentuated first notes of each group.

In the other hand, 3/8 is a ternary simple tempo: 3 eight notes, each one equivalent to the tempo (or measure) beat. It means that the way to count it is: 1 (accentuated) - 2 - 3... and so and on. The metronome marks the three notes (beats) of each measure.

The last thing is what our friend wants, but it is intended only to 3/8.

My humble opinion is that the today MuseScore metronome is working so fine (according to the standard "rules" of the musical rhythm counting).

Remember that MuseScore is mainly focused on the final paper printed music score.

Even so... Why not to go a little further and add an extra option, here? ???

Greetings & Blessings from Chile!!!!!!!


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