Adding instrument names to the systems

• Nov 12, 2015 - 01:23


Simple thing: I want to add inst name to my music systems. I already read the post called "adding intrument name to existing score, existing part", yet that response didn't help. Even when I go into Staff Prop's and make sure the instrument is named there, it doesn't show up to the left of my treble and bass clefs (I'm trying to name the inst as Harpsichord)



Welcome aboard! If your score has only one instrument, the instrument name will be hidden by default—usually you would want it only in the top left corner of page 1, created via Add -> Text -> Part Name. However, if you prefer to have the name immediately before the staff, uncheck "Hide instrument name if there is only 1 instrument" in Style -> General.

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Wow, I'm impressed with how quick you got back to me. Thanks for that :)

One other thing: where do I go to adjust default settings in this following case: I have a three part violin piece where I want the name of the part (Violin 1, 2, and 3) only on the first system but NOT on all the subsequent ones? Currently, it will put Vln. in all subsequent systems. I want them just blank, though.

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These forums are generally pretty awesome at answering questions quickly. Sometimes two or three people will reply in the same minute. ;-)

Back in Staff Properties, you'll notice there's a space for a long instrument name (like "Violin") and a short instrument name (like "Vln."). You can leave the latter blank, or simply click on one such short instrument name in your score and press [Delete] as a shortcut.

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