Augmenation dots misplaced after flip and then flipped back

• Nov 8, 2015 - 18:32

I keep experiencing misplaced augmentation dots for notes between the lines. Have checked latest nightly and these screenshots are from it.

It happens to notes between the lines with augmentated dots when I flip a highlighted bar and then flip it back to what it was.
It doesn't happen when an individual note is highlighted, flipped and flipped back (e.g. the G in the images below)

Image below shows the bars before flipping
augmentation dots before flip 2015-11-08 18:20:05.png

Image below shows the bars after first flip
Agmentation dots after flip 2015-11-08 18:21:29.png

Image below shows flip back to original position but the G's augmentation dot is placed too high. Notes on the line with augmentations dots are not affected.
Augmentation dots after double flip 2015-11-08 18:22:22.png


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Thanks - that workaround seems to be sound.

This is still a bug. Before I realised how I was causing the augmentation dots to be misplaced, I couldn't fathom what was happening.

I've had a habit of doing Select-All and then pressing 'X' twice because I like the fact that each note and beam then acquires the Up or Down properties of both Stem Direction and Beam Direction in the Inspector - this satisfies my perfectionist approach.

I like to think that setting each note and beam direction makes the sheet music more bomb proof when exporting to MusicXML or when opening it in a future version of Musescore - although I'm only theorising this.

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I think the issue is that flipping twice isn't the same as flipping once then undoing, or flipping once then hitting Ctrl+R or using the Inspector to reset positions. Yes, it has the side effect of locking in positions which I suppsoed might be relevant before MusicXML export in certain cases, but there is no guarantee you are locking in what you started with. I think you are probably mshooting yourself in the foot by deliberaltey disabling the auto features. Consider also, what if you perform edits to the score, like maybe changing the pitch of a note. With the stem position locked in, it won't respond correctly.

Anyhow, with respect to dots, this is not a bug. There are two legitimate positions for the dot: Top, Bottom, plus Auto. The first flip operation changes the dot position from Auto to "Bottom", which is correct for notes on spaces. You wouldn't want it to do otherwise - otherwise normal stem flipping (eg, not as part of an attempt to circumvent auto-layout) would not behave correctly. The second flip changes the position from "Bottom" to "Top", which is now wrong.

So indeed, if you do wish to use a double flip as a way of locking stem positions, you still want to leave the dots on auto. The way to do that is either exclude them before doing the flip as mentioned (eg, using the Notes button), or reset the dots to Auto afterwards via the Inspector (also with the notes selected).

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