add ability to change part names

• Nov 6, 2015 - 11:41
S5 - Suggestion

We can now reorder parts, but still can't rename them

if and when this gets implemented, it needs to affect/update

  • the name shown in File->Parts (and that should probably be the place where changing would happen)
  • the text in the tabs of the score
  • probably the partName meta tag of the parts, although that at least is changeable already
  • maybe the text shown in the upper left corner of the part, although that at least is changeable already

i.e. everything that deals with excerpts (one or more part/instrument as part of a larger score containing more parts).

It would not affect the part name from the instruments dialog, that deals with a part (one or more staves of one instrument), not an excerpt.

Yes, those namings are confusing...


I have discovered a bug related to this. You are allowed to name parts the same thing, but when you export those part pdfs will have the SAME FILE NAME and thus you have a serious problem.

Should I create a bug issue for the above, or are someone just gonna fix it by allowing to change part name :)

Also this bug is related to this feature request

Well, part names won't be the same by default - MuseScore normally appaends a nbumebr to differentiate them. You'd have to go out of your way to override that, or generate parts one at a time, in order to end up with similarly-named parts. And if you export the parts individually, you can control the name. There is a problem only if you try to export them all at once via Export Parts, and even then you are warned of the conflcit. So I wouldn't say there is a "serious" problem.

But sure, it's worth filing a feature request to add a "Rename" option to the warning dialog that comes up in case of these conflicts, or perhaps to have numbers appended automatically. This would be worth doing with or without an option to rename parts.