For accordion: Insert a register toolbar

• Jan 10, 2011 - 14:19
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Please insert a new pallete called "accordion registers" with the following (vectorized) graphics (scroll down on this wiki and look):


You can already compose your own register symbol.

  1. Open the symbol palette
  2. Drag and drop the empty registry symbol you want in the score
  3. In the symbol palette, drag a dot to the registry symbol, the symbol should turn red, and drop it
  4. Move the dot to the right place in the registry symbol
  5. Repeat step 3. and 4. for each dot you need.
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Thanks, but it would be much more precise and faster when all register-symbols are separate icons to move where you want them. Sure, the world doesn't break down without it, but it would be very professional.

For anyone else searching for accordion switch symbols: MuseScore 2's Master palette has a Symbols category at the end, which contains (after lots of microtonal accidentals) quite a few accordion registrations as single premade icons, in addition to empty register symbols and a combining dot.

They cover all possibilities in a 4-reed LMMH treble section, as well as some musette/LMMMH registrations; and also the seven "standard" Stradella bass registers described in Donald Balestrieri's "Registers of the Standard Stradella Keyboard".

I was glad to see these!

You can create a Custom palette with just the registration symbols you're likely to need. I'll attach the one I created. (You can fix mistakes in tooltip names by right-clicking over a symbol and renaming it in Properties. Also, I left out the round two-space symbols and rectangular three-space symbols that I'm unfamiliar with.)

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@grinningcat Great work! I made a small video to show how the palette can be loaded.

Click on the image below to start the video:


Those free bass register symbols (that I wasn't familiar with) are also included under "Symbols" in the master palette. Thanks for pointing them out!

Title For accordion: Insert a register toolbar For accordion: Insert a register toolbar but also make the Registers playback work
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We have the Accordion Register Switches but I wanted them to also work cause I love the various Octaves each switch produces. That could be a new upgrade for MuseHub

Title For accordion: Insert a register toolbar but also make the Registers playback work For accordion: Insert a register toolbar
Status by design closed

Then open a new issue and let this here rest in peace

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