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• Nov 2, 2015 - 00:45


I am trying to import/convert a relatively simple one page good quality PDF but I get strange results.

I've uploaded both files and as you can see I've got lots of greyed out transients that I can't delete.

If I delete the new line characters it simply merges the transients into the score resulting in a complete mess.

How can I simply tidy the results up by deleting the transients etc?


Thanks for your reply and help but I've basically got an imported score that's useless to me as I can't edit it back to anything useful.

I don't understand why the PDF converter thinks there are two voices and I also can't understand why I can't ask MS to remove one of the voices or split the stave into a two stave system.

Is there any sort of pre-processing I could do with the original PDF (which is very high quality) to help improve the accuracy of the import process?

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Some small change are in the file that i attached above.
AFAIK Audiveris (the "engine" of conversion of MuseScore.com) it requires that the PDF has been generated by a notation software. Have you already looked for this particular score on MuseScore.com? If the score is not particularly difficult, perhaps it is easier to enter notes directly.

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