Entering Palettes into Custom Workspace

• Nov 1, 2015 - 15:51
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

With the current version, it is only possible to enter a single palette at a time into a Custom Workspace. It would be much easier to select any number of palettes from the Master Palette and drag and drop them into the Custom Workspace.



I'm confused as to why you would need to copy palettes at all. Is there a particular palette in the Master Palette not already in your workspace? Perhaps you really mean, you wish to multiple select palette *items* and copy them at once? Can you explain in more detail what you are trying to actually do?

Sure. Correct me if i'm wrong. The only way to create a custom palette is to create a new workspace. If I'm right on this, my Feature Request applies. If not, I guess I don't know what I'm doing,

I may be fussy on this but, I would rather not switch back and for betwwen workplaces. If I create the custom workplace and create a custom palette, I would like to be able to add selective palettes from the master palette with one process, (Select, Drag and Drop). Hopefully this is clear.

If yoiu start from the advanced palette (rather than the Basic one), you'd have almost everything already. Remove what you don't need then

Exactly. Your workspace would normally already have everything in it you could want to add from the Master Palette, except for whatever specialty symbols you might want to add from the Symbols section. And again, you don't add entire palettes from the Master Palette, just individual items. So I'm trying to understand what specifically you are trying to add.

Simply put, I want a workspace with a Symbols palette and most of the palette from advanced. I was able to do this but it was time consuming adding a palette at a time. If the Advanced workspace was editable, it would have been simple.

Sorry, I still don't understand. If you are in the Advanced palette when you create your workspace, then your workspace is a carbon copy of Advanced. It is *exactly* in all respects as if the Advanced workspace itself were editable. Again, at no time should you need to add *anything* to your custom workspace from the Master Palette except for special purpose symbols from the Symbols portion of the palette. Literally every single other item in the Master Palette is *already* in the Advanced worksapce and thus should *already* be in any worksapce you create from it. Are you sure you were in the Advanced workspace when you create your custom palette? If so, what specifically did you find missing>

Hmmm. Perhaps I need to back up a bit here. Let me explain exactly what happened.

I've been working with 2.0.2 the original download. I hadn't worked with any of the Nightly Builds since then. I decided to download the latest build. When I opened the build and went to my custom Workspace, all the palettes were gone except the symbols palette. It never went through my mind that something went wrong. I just assumed that I had to add all the pallets back in. That's what started this whole issue.

Perhaps there's an issue when opening new builds that relates to custom workspaces.

In general, official builds and the nightly builds are totally separtate; settings made in one do not affect the other. This probably depends some on the OS and how you did the installation. Perhaps the workspace you are seeing in the nightly is leftover from months or even years ago.

Anyhow, as mentioned, new workspaces created from the Advanced workspace will contain everything that was in advanced. To carry over a custom palette from the 2.0.2 to the nightly, try saving the specific new palette you created (right click, Save Palette), then load this into the new workspace you created - which again, should *already* contain everything that was in the Advanced workspace.

Thanks Marc. I had already done everyyhing as stated in your last paragraph and i'm satisfied with the outcome. The blank workspace with only a Symbols palette after installing the nightly seems to have sent me in a strange directionm.