Add support for "broken" voltas

• Oct 28, 2015 - 22:01
S5 - Suggestion

Currently, to get this visual output, you can create two voltas and modify their text/hook values, though this plays back incorrectly. You can remedy this by adding a third invisible volta underneath that spans the entire section. It's a bit convoluted regardless. I think there should be a "End measures only" option under "Line style" so you can have just the one volta.


Seems you could create this pretty easily by simply adding the closing part of the volta as an ordinary text line, no? Playback should be fine.

I think if we add support creating a broken line like this, we'd need to also add controls to specify how much of the line should appear before th break and how much after. And people would want it for lines other than voltas. Not saying it is not worth considering, but I think there would be far more to it than a single checkbox. And ultimately, I'm not sure how easier it would be for the user than just creating the second line manually.

Playback does not work if the volta only subtends the first measure of a 1st time ending. When unwindSection() gets to the second measure, searchVolta() will return 0, and the measure is not skipped on repeat. It seems that MuseScore understands a volta to demarcate both where the player (MuseScore or human) should jump from, as well as where to jump to.

Technically, a volta need only contain a jump's start, and the beginning of a 2nd volta (and subsequent ones) can indicate the jump's end. If that were the case, using an open single-measure volta and adding a hooked text line would be a reasonable workaround. But it's not - the volta element, as it is right now, is to contain all the measures to skip.