using 1 and 5 line drum staff in one part

• Oct 28, 2015 - 18:18

I saw on here somewhere, but now can't find it when I need it, that someone had figured a way to use 1 line and 5 line staffs in a drum part. I am trying to make a part we are missing from a conductors score and it shows the drum part using 1 line staff for part of the music and then 5 line and then back.

the person I saw did something with two staffs and compiled them so that they looked like just one part.

Can anyone help me find this solution??????


Make two different staves, then use "Style / General / Hide empty staves" so the unused one disappears. Works only if the part changes from 1 to 5 lines at a system break, but you can insert a horizontal frame to force a pseudo-system break in the middle of a line if you really need to.

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