Inseting music from Musescore into Publisher?

• Oct 26, 2015 - 11:05

I am trying to write about music and have both text and music examples on my pages.

I am using Publisher to do this. for text i use 'text boxes'. I was hoping to import music i had written in Musescore into the picture boxes, but cannot do this.

The file extention for the imported Musescore file is 'mscz' that doesn't open in publisher. Is there are way of doing this??

Many thanks


FWIW, if you don't specifically need the capabilities of Publisher as opposed to just using a word processor, you could consider using LibreOffice or OpenOffice and the extension I developed to automate the handling of MuseScore examples -…. It greatly simplifies the process of inserting many examples into a book, allows easy update of those exampples should you wish to edit them later, etc. And the resultant document could presumably then be loaded into Publisher and worked with further somehow. But if you are specifically wanting the examples themselves to be in a fixed position frame or some some other desktop publishing specific thing that would be hard to apply later, then maybe doing it via a word processor first won't work.

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