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• Oct 25, 2015 - 22:40

For some reason I get a bad format error when opening the attached score. The details read "XML read error at line 604 column 31:"

Not a big deal to rescore this but thought I might pass it along anyway.

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MSCZ files are just compressed MSCX files (using gzip compression). If you "gunzip" the file and open it with a text editor you can read the XML contents inside.

Line 604 reads:

          <text>Marcos Valle & Paulo Sergio Valle</text>

The problem is the "&" (ampersand) character (shown here in bold). "&" has a special meaning in XML (and HTML) where it is used to introduce character codes like these ones.

To correct the problem, simply replace the ampersand with its own character code "&amp;":

          <text>Marcos Valle &amp; Paulo Sergio Valle</text>

Save the file and you will be able to open it again in MuseScore. The & is displayed correctly:


I've attached the file with the change already made in case you don't have a copy of gzip and gunzip.

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Hmm, I fixed the problem for you but then I noticed something else. Your original file's XML claims it was created with (or at least modified by) MuseScore 2.0.2:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<museScore version="2.06">
    <metaTag name="creationDate">2015-04-08</metaTag>

But the problems with "&" were supposed to have been fixed since before even 2.0 was released:
#33451: Ampersand character and any subsequent characters are not displayed in Staff Name
#47801: Score with parts and a part name containing an "&" can't get opened again after first save
#47786: Copyright is truncated in header/footer when containing an &

So it looks like there might be another bug that needs fixing at our end.

Would I be right in thinking that you originally created the score in either MuseScore 1.X or one of the beta releases for 2.0 and then modified it later in 2.0.2?

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I know ampersand has been a problem for some time. I noticed the issue more so when entering copyrights with the Wizard.
I'm fairly confident this score was originally created with a version prior to 2.0. I must have converted it to 2.0 shortly after the release. I just now opened this score since then to made some notation for my band.
Thanks for spending your time with the issue and hope to hear from you on this sometime in the future.

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BTW, this problem doesn't affect your score anymore. I manually replaced the & so you are safe to use the new version I uploaded for you. The issue now is making the replacement process automatic, but like I say, you don't need to wait for that to happen because I've already fixed it for you manually.

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