Program Crashes on Opening(Again)

• Dec 20, 2010 - 05:15

I have had .9.6.3 since I noticed it was available. It has worked perfectly until now.
I am again having the same problem that I was having with .9.6.2--the program opens to the demo score, then the colored spinner ball appears for 2-3 seconds then stops for about 5 seconds. The spinner appears again for about 3 seconds, then the program crashes with the message about MuseScore unexpectedly crashing appearing.
I put in a question about this previously back when I had this, but received no help until I moved from 6.2 to 6.3.
I have an 800Mhz iMac G4, 1Gb RAM, OSX 10.4.11.
Previously I was given and followed the instructions re: inputting a line into terminal, but that did not help.
Any suggestion? Is there a newer nightly build(whatever the term you use here) I should try?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks very much.


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Thanks for your quick reply.
It figures that in my case, going back to a very basic Mac troubleshooting step has taken care of the problem.
I repaired my permissions and restarted my computer. Then, started MS a couple of times, holding my breath. Well, it worked!
I found a prior forum thread about this in which the poster was also told to revert to settings. They were sent to different places: 1.application support and 2. the ~/.config/ folder. If this happens to me again, and what I did now doesn't seem to help, if I go to one/both of those locations, what do I do there? In the one, I ended at the .ini file. Do I drag that to the trash and then restart MS, which, as in the case of trashing preference files, causes the program to re-establish the file at the next starting of the program? I'm not that experienced with the more technical aspects of UNIX, etc. so please bear with me.
Thanks for your help.

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The ini file contains all musescore settings. If you trash it MuseScore will start with factory settings and create a new setting files with these default settings. It should have the same effect than mscore -F

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