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• Jan 28, 2009 - 16:11

First of all...

Great piece of software. I have recently changed OS from XP to Ubuntu. Took me a while to discover Muse.
I 100% prefer it to Sibelius but I have to sort out one issue.

I arrange for Brass Band so my main issue is that all instruments in a British Brass band are tuned to Bb with the exception of only 2 which are tuned to Eb

When I start a Muse score with Bb and Eb instruments the notes play pack at the same pitch at the same stave position on both the Eb and Bb instruments.

What am I doing wrong ?



Hi ...

I have half fixed my own problem..... By right clicking a staff ... entering staff properties I set play transposition of the Bb instrument to -2 semitone and play transposition of the Eb instrument by -9

Now both instruments play back as they would in real life. ie a written C played on a Bb instrument is the same as a written G on a Eb instrument whilst both also play back in their native pitch so you can actually play along with the midi with the relative instruments.

My question now is....... is there any way I can simply click one button to set instruments to play as they do in real life ?

It appears that the ability to do this exists but is not as automated as it could be.


If the score was imported via MusicXML then you need a prerelease for 0.9.4 to automatically import the transpositions as well. If you create the score from scratch then the transpositions are already set (version 0.9.3 or later).

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Thanks very much....

I am using 0.9.2 / 888

I found it in the automated Ubuntu Add Remove library whilst looking for music app's.
I had been using Sibelius 4 and actually got it working flawlessly under Wine on Ubuntu.... However MuseScore looks so much more intuitive.... Have to get my publisher to take a look at it.

I am very new to linux and have found the only way to add or remove programs is by using the built in repository's

Is the new version in the Ubuntu library's ? ..... if not.....urm -- Help :)

Can I simply download and overwrite some files to upgrade ?


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Now running the latest version.......

Took a long time to work out how to set it up but it looks like I will be automatically updating to the latest version through ubuntu and launchpad.

Exactly what I needed was in fact in the latest version of Musescore.....

So... Problem Solved !!

Many Thanks
Looking forward to testing this out for you

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