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• Jan 28, 2009 - 15:40

I've been using MuseScore for a couple of weeks now and have never run into this error until this morning. It is a runtime error that says. This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information. Seems to have something to do with Visual C++ Runtime Library. I've attached it for your perusal and assistance. BTW after clicking OK the application terminates. And, I've tried reinstalling but to no avail. Thanks. I still think this is a great program.

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Unfortunately, the only way for me to reproduce the error is by double clicking the shortcut on my menu. This program was working fine all day yesterday. This morning when I went to start the program was when this error came up. I tried to go into my event viewer to see if I could find the error event but did find it.

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A few questions:

What version of MuseScore do you have installed? Do you have more than one version installed?
Answer: r1439. I didn't have more than one version running.

What program start preference do you have set? ("start empty", "continue with new score", "start with new score", or "start with demo score.

Answer: Start preference was "continue last session".

NOTE: I installed both versions (9.3 and r1439) per the instructions from the "See Crash related to using both 0.9.3 adn 0.9.4 prereleases for details" link and was able to continue on my marry way. Thanks for the assistance.

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My key signature for my current piece is Em. On some measures a natural sign and # is displayed. Can't get rid of it. Can't paste over. Can't drag a new one for the palette either. I used the search for "key signature" issues before I brought this up. I've attached my score for your info. BTW thanks for all of your assistance.

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I fixed the key signature in the third measure by changing the key signature of the second measure and then changing it back to E minor. I also removed the key signature from the drum staff and extended the bar lines for the organ staff.

If you discover the steps that caused the key signature problem in the first place let us know. That way we can reproduce it and hopefully fix it.

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I just started getting the same crash. At first I thought it was just the last RC and uninstalled and reinstalled r1484 and it just started doing it too. Finally in frustration, I went and re-installed 0.9.3 and it runs just fine.

I just put on latest Java revision and use AVG-free so don't know if these might have issues.

I had the same Runtime error with 0.9.4. but it works now when:

1. ran Ccleaner first (with register cleaning)
2. right click someone note file made by MuseScore in Explorer
3. Open with... -> Browse -> C:\Program Files\MuseScore 0.9\bin\mscore.exe
4. select "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" -> OK.

And MuseScore works again.

XP, sp3

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These crashes appear to be fixed in the prereleases.

Heino's method will work but MuseScore has an easy way to reset the preferences to "factory settings". Warning: this will remove any changes you have made to your preferences or palette. Start MuseScore with the -F flag. In Windows XP go to Start > Run and type mscore -F.

Also note that it is fine to associate .mscz files with MuseScore with Windows but this is not recommended for .msc files (see [[nodetitle:export]] ). In the upcoming version of MuseScore the .msc file extension has been replaced with .mscx

I've been using 0.9.4 for a few days (new user) on XP SP3, and have had this problem occur a few times. I uninstalled 0.9.4, then reinstalled it, but Runtime Error continued.

Run-> mscore -F

worked for me once I realized it's case-sensitive (mscore -f does nothing),
I'm still not convinced I can replicate the problem, so I therefore don't know what I have to avoid to keep it from occurring again, but at least I have a workaround to get back to normal status.

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I was thinking most of the individuals, myself included, that were getting this error were new to musescore. What I mean is that because we are or were new, there was a learning curve to learning all of the nuances to the software. That being said, I know for me I made a lot of errors and wanted to correct them. Not knowing the magic key strokes made correcting these errors a trial and error type of exercise. It seems the software got locked up because of the pressing numerous key combinations. It is only my opinion. No matter what, this is still an awesome piece of software. Thanks again to all of you developers.

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I am receiving this runtime error after 30-40 minutes of using Musescore. I cannot replicate the problem as of yet, but it occurs every session. I am using version 1.1 on Windows 7 32-bit. Disabling the "Continue from last session" did not change anything.

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