Typing whole note by keyboard issue

• Dec 17, 2010 - 10:43
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To type whole note by using keyboard, one must press 7 on his keyboard and then type the pitch, such as A.
But the issue is, the note created is not the whole note, instead it is a quarter note.


1. Start with a blank file.
2. Click a measure to type, NOT in Note Entry mode
3. Select whole note.
4. Type a pitch. It enters Note Entry mode, and produces a quarter note instead.

Oh! I've just wondered, whether I have to enter the Note Entry mode before typing? Because having done this produces correct one.
OK, I should do. But the program can enter this mode automatically, so I suggest this should be fixed. Since selecting another note duration (64th to half note) produce correct duration too.

Thanks in advance

Status (old) needs info fixed

Ok, i see. If you are not in note entry mode the entry toolbar shows the value of the currently selected note or rest. Clicking a duration changes the duration or the selected note. In note entry mode changing the duration first does nothing. The new duration applies to the next note/rest you enter.
The bug is that its possible to change the duration value if not in note entry mode and something not a note or rest is selected.
I fixed this in the trunk by disabling the note entry toolbar if not in note entry mode and no note/rest is selected.

I think there's some misunderstanding here
Sorry for my incorrect use of word

And let's look at the Step 2 again:
2. Click on a Full-measure rest, NOT a whole measure (ie, NOT a whole square around that measure). So sorry.
And, for more convenience, let's use 4/4 for time signature of a blank file.

After follows step 2 above, for step 3, please observe that:
if you select some duration on the left of whole note from toolbar, (ie, shorter than whole note), and type 'A' for pitch, it produces correct note duration. Instead, if you select whole note, it does not make correct one.

I'm using rev 3507 on Windows XP
Thanks again

Status (old) fixed active

To clarify, let's say it this way:
1. click on a full-measure rest
2. type 6 (or 5 or 4) to make it a half rest (or quarter or eighth)
3. type A to create a half note (or quarter or eighth)

It follows that typing 7 and then A should make a whole note. It does not.
Notice that when you click on the full-measure rest to begin with, it has quarter note highlighted in the Note Entry selection, whereas for any other note/rest, it will highlight what it is. Typing 7 makes whole note highlighted in the Note Entry selection, but the program still treats the full-measure rest like a quarter note value.

Now notice, if you actually create a specifically whole rest (so, type 7, then press space), and Then go through the same steps, the result will be correct.

So the issue is really that a full-measure rest is sometimes treated as a quarter note value by default, which causes confusion.

Yes, that's the point. Thanks ceegers.

Now let's look at another (same?) issue:
1. Start with blank file, 4/4 for time signature
2. Click on full-measure rest
3. Click (or type) any note duration on the left of whole note (1 to 6), the rest should change corresponding to it
4. Click (or type) whole note: it appears that a quarter note is selected instead. You have to click (or type; not using the same method (click or type) as first selection in 4. produces this too) for another time to have the whole note selected.
Anyway, after the whole note was selected, the program treated it as a quarter note again. (just type 'A' or 'B' or ...)

what musescore does right now:
-> When you change the length of an arbitrary rest to a whole rest in 4/4 time signature, musescore makes a full measure rest out of it instead of a whole rest, which I like, because you normally wouldn't want to have whole rests in 4/4
-> When you delete a full note, musescore puts a whole rest in place, which is strange, but the only way to produce a whole rest (in 4/4), without musescore automatically converting it to a full measure rest
-> when you select an arbitrary rest (except full measure rests), and enter a note (no note entry mode), it becomes the length of the selected rest
-> full measure in odd time signatures result in note lengths that don't exist and wouldn't be selectable, so if you would want musescore to replace a full measure rest by a note of corresponding length in 5/4 time signature, you would end up in "whole-note-and-a-half-dot" note entry mode :-) which doesn't exist

So, my favourite behaviour would be:
- If a full measure rest is selected and a length pressed, turn it to a rest of that length, split if necessary (as done so far) and not auto-convert it back to a full measure rest. So you could easily change a full measure rest to a whole rest, if you would want to (nobody wants that in a standard 4/4-piece, but maybe when time signatures change often, for better readability)
- if a whole measure is selected (with a blue box around it) and deleted, insert a full measure rest (as done so far)
- if a whole note is deleted, convert to full measure rest too

I'd try to change this and supply a patch, but before I do, I'd like to hear from some more people, what you think about it.
Am I wrong? Is there better possibilities? Leave it all, as it is?

best regards,

I don't quite understand your terms, fnbecker.
What did you mean by 'whole rest' and 'full measure rest', especially what are their differences?

korrawit, visually a "full measure rest" is centered in the measure and can be used in 3/4 time or 5/4 time and still mean "full measure" (see Measure rests in the handbook). A "whole rest" (US English) or "semi-breve rest" (British English) visually aligns like other rests (left aligned on the beat that it starts on) and is equivalent to four quarter (crotchet) rests. For obvious reasons, it is usually used in time signatures greater than 4/4 (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whole_note )

Friedemann, I prefer the current behavior (with one addition):
Current behavior: select a whole note, press Delete -> changes whole note to whole rest
One addition: select whole rest, press Delete -> changes whole rest to full measure rests if (and only if) the whole rest is the full contents of the measure.

Thanks, and let me summarize what should be fixed:

  1. Stated in reply 3 by werner, disabling the note entry toolbar if not in note entry mode and no note/rest is selected.
  2. When select a full-measure rest and click whole note on toolbar, change the full-measure rest to whole rest, which is the current behavior for clicking other note lengths. The user then can type in the whole note directly. Oh, I've just noticed that in 5/4, it is correctly done. But it incorrectly happens in 4/4 and 3/4 (which needs a tie)
  3. Reply 11 by David: Deleting a whole note results in a whole rest, and deleting a whole rest results in full-measure rest if and only if the whole rest is the full contents of the measure.

These are my opinions, so feel free to change them.

I am having a terrible time creating a whole note in 3/4 time. No matter what I do or try, it will make it a dotted half note, tied to the next measure, never a whoel note. (In 4/4 time I can do it all day.) It also will not let me put 2 notes in once I try to do the whole note thing and it auto puts a dotted half with a tie to the next measure. If I want to play 2 whole notes in the left hand for a chord, and it defaults to this dotted half, I cannot add a second note. If I change to half or quarter or below, I can do it all day long. It will do the same in bass or treble cleff. Any tips? This is whether I try by keyboard, or using the note input with the mouse.

The issue outlined in Comment #4 above is still present. Starting note entry with a quarter duration for an empty measure seems reasonable (I would guess quarter notes are used more than whole notes). Perhaps we should close this as "by design"?

Status by design fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit bca2f1e3dc

[MU4] fix #8302 - ensure we handle keyPress (via shortcutOverride), and that delete works properly when ctrl previous used and there's no selection