After-Input Editing Mode

• Jan 27, 2009 - 14:56

Note entry with a MIDI keyboard is very nice, although still very slow.
I would be nice if I could enter all notes in one first pass without chosing the correct durations and lateron, in a second pass, adjust the lengths very quick and easily.
I imagine this like the following:
1st pass: I type in all notes by keyboard, mouse or MIDI keyboard, for example as quarters.
2nd pass: I start the After-Input Editing Mode and can go trough my notes with keys like A (previous) and S (next). I can modify the height of each selected note by pressing up and down, increase/decrease the duration by pressing left/right, set it sharp (pressing #) or flat (pressing b), set a dot (pressing .) or delete the note. If I change the duration, the following notes move, too.

This would increase note entry enourmously for me.
What do you think?


In my experience the more passes I have to make through a piece of music for input the more likely I am to miss something. For example if I enter all the notes first and then go back and add dynamics I am much more likely to miss a dynamic on the second pass than if I added it during the first pass. In otherwords the time saved during input is loss during proofing.

In case you are interested here is an article on modes in notation software: Interface Design in Canorus

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