embedded spaces in dynamic markings disappear when score is reloaded

• Oct 6, 2015 - 13:38

I have noticed recently (using version 2.0.2) a nagging bug relating to dynamic markings. The symptoms are not entirely consistent, but here is the general issue. If a dynamic marking includes embedded spaces, and (I think) also a change in font size/style (such as bold on/off, or italics on/off) then the space often disappears when reloading the score.

Examples of the dynamic marking are:

sempre pp
pp dolce

I have these created by pulling the 'pp' from the palette (rendered in default style) and then, by highlighting the dynamic, adding a word at the start or the end, and then highlighting to change the font or style. So, in the examples above, the words 'sempre' and 'dolce' are in FreeSerif 10.00 pt bold italic and the 'pp' is default from the palette.

Upon reloading the score, the space between the 'pp' and 'sempre' or 'dolce' tends to disappear. In highlighting and changing fonts, it is hard to tell if the space gets included in the font change or not, but in any case, it should remain the same after save and reload.

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