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How does one adjust the volume of the metronome? Thank you.


Go to View->Synthesiser. There's a volume control and mute button specifically for controlling the metronome sound output.

Don't forget to hit the "Save to Score" button if you want the new metronome volume level to apply when you open the score in future.

You can find more info in the handbook here:

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In MS 4, I found score-specific metronome and chord volume in the Mixer section, accessed from the top of the screen. Is there a way to modify default metronome and chord volume to apply globally, to all scores? If not, I would like to request it in future updates, along with metronome count in.

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Chord playback volume varies with score dynamic markings, so I wonder how you envision a global setting to work. (Other instruments have no "global" volume.)
Because volume varies with score dynamic markings - in addition to mixer adjustments - what would a "global" chord volume setting really accomplish? Unless you wish to have a "constant' chord playback volume throughout a score?

Metronome volume is constant throughout a score and can initially be changed in the Mixer - while adjusting other instruments (and other parameters) as needed. Set the metronome once and forget it (for that score where it is actually needed).

Count-in should be available and is in the pipeline:

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Thanks for your reply. There are ALREADY "global" (all score) default Mixer settings for chord volume and metronome volume, that seem to apply to all scores for which changes have not been explicitly saved. I would like to have the option of changing these defaults to lower values. Otherwise I will have to change and save them piecewise for each of my 300+ song scores.

Also, I think the online manual gives incorrect locations for chord volume and metronome volume settings in MS 4.

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