Hello World plugin

• Oct 2, 2015 - 23:45


I am experimenting a little with writing my own plugins with Musescore 2.

I am getting some cool things working already, but the simplest of all things doesn't work: the famous "Hello World" example. Unless I am misunderstanding something, it seems console.log("Hello World!") doesn't print any message in the Plugin Maker console, or in the terminal from where I started mscore. Not having a working console.log() makes debugging my more complicated projects a real nightmare.

I am on Linux Fedora 22, and am using MuseScoreDevelopment-2.1.0 from GIT, compiled myself.


To clearify my question: I am not talking about the "helloqml" plugin that's part of the distributed demo's. What I am talking about is: When I open the Plugin Creator and click on the "New" icon, a basic Hello World example is initialized. This prints the expected message on my Windows machine, but the same example on my Linux Fedora 22 laptop doesn't print anything.

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