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• Oct 1, 2015 - 18:41
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(See this discussion .)

First, if there are any glyphs here that MuseScore doesn't have, please add them.

Next, add the alternate sub-octave treble clefs shown here , and the alternate percussion clef here .


MuseScore has Bravura and that has all the SMuFL clefs. The other fonts, Emmentaler and Goneville, may need to get them added, or would need a suitable replacement though.

The alternate Tenor clefs (gClef8vbOld, cClef, cClef8vb) are in SMuFL and hence in Bravura, so shouldn't be a big deal to add, and, the 'standard' Tenor clef (gClef8vb) could be used as a replacement for the other fonts, I guess?
Same for the alternate percussion cleff (unpitchedPercussionClef2)

As noted here , adding glyphs to a font is the easy part. However, glyphs by themselves do nothing: code is needed to make them to 'work'.

The "tenor clef" with a C clef on the third space has been discussed at length here ; the relevance of its addition is possibly debatable, as adding support for clefs on spaces would require a major upheaval of the current code for clefs.

Ditto for specular clefs like SMuFL U+E073 - U+E077: what the programme is assumed to do with them: read the part upside down or retrograde?

Simple stylistic variants like SMuFL U+E060 only have an antiquarian interest, probably not so important in a general notation programme as MuseScore (here, as in other places, SMuFL seems to have unclear ideas about what is a stylistic variant, what belongs to a different notation system and what is a distinct grapheme).

Finally, assuming the clefs with arrows -- or the other special clefs in SMuFL range -- have a defined meaning (this is outside my field), again code is needed to make them to do anything.

So, the matter seems to me quite less linear than simply adding a bunch of glyphs to a font.

Perhaps some work should be put into making a "clef designer" like Finale has (according to this post ). Maybe a similar interface to the custom time signature module.

If you can demonstrate a strong need, that would help. We tend to prioritize features that multiple users actually have real world use cases for. So far, based on the discussion thus far, I'm not convinced there is an audience of more than one or two people for this.

Status (old) patch (code needs review) fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit fd336322ce

Fix #81876: add old Tenor clef and alternate Percussion clef

The glyphs are in Bravura, but missing in Emmentaler and Gonville, so
more work is needed to fully suport them

Fixed in branch master, commit 036d1b75e4

Fix #81876 addendum - Add clef glyphs to MScore and to MScoreText fonts.

Adds to the MScore and to the MScoreText fonts the two clef glyphs defined in the main fix ( ).

Also adds three more clefs with some probability of being added in the (not so distant) future and which presumably do not require any special management code-wise:
- "gClef8vbCClef" U+E056 (and its element "cClefCombining" U+E061)
- "semipitchedPercussionClef1" U+E06B
- "semipitchedPercussionClef2" U+E06C

The `glyphnames.json` includes the two glyphs already included in the main fix, so this fix can be merged after the main fix without mergins problems (or at least so I believe!).

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Hello community,

I just began to work with musescore and I really would like to have an option to use the other "Unpitched percussion clef" (Unpitched percussion clef 2) like a normal clef. Isn't this possible to add?

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Reported version 2.1 3.0

It will be in MuseScore 3.0. That's why this issue is marked as fixed and closed.