How to delete page number?

• Oct 1, 2015 - 18:23

I don't need the page number. How can I delete it?


Thanks. But what I am looking for is to hide the first three pages numbers, not to move then to the nexts. Another idea?

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Short answer: Open it with a PDF reader software, and put something white on it using the shape drawing tools.

Long answer:

in Windows, with "F o x i t R e a d e r" (Free):

1. Export to PDF (With Musescore)
------8<---After this point we will work with PDF-Reader-Software---8<------

2. Open PDF in Foxit Reader (in Windows)
3. Press Ctrl+0 (fit to screen)
4. Go to page 2 (Page Down)
5. Click on "Comment" Menu
6. Select "Rectangle" //see attachment: "FX001.png"
7. Draw around page number. //see attachment: "FX002.png"
8. Right click on rectangle, select "properties" //see attachment: "FX003.png"
9. Click "Color" and select white color (top right)
10. Click "Fill-Color" and select white color again.
11. Click "Close." button.
12. Press CTRL+C
13. Click anywhere in page.
14. O.K. page number vanished. //see attachment: "FX004.png"
15. Go to Page 3 (Page Down)
16, Press "Ctrl+V"
17. Move this new rectangle on page number.
18. Press "esc." key
19. Go to "File" menu
20. Select "Save as"
... type something ex: "oldfilename"+"-v2" ... and save it.


- "But... I'm on... some other OS...."
don't worry.
find a similar software like "F o x i t R e a d e r" .
Perhaps the process steps will not be exactly the same as the one I showed above.
But it will be very similar.

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Thanks! Hide I am afraid it is not possible, you cannot select the numbers, or at least I cannot. Outside Musescore I know some options as exporting .svg and delete whatever you want opening the file inside inkscape or other image editor.

But I wanted to know if it is possible from musescore and i looks like it is not. It is a pity.


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Normally the reason you would do this is add cover pages, tables of contents, etc. That sort of work is best done in a separate program after exporting the score itself as a PDF. If you explain your use case in more detail - ideally attaching the actual score - we can advise better.

Try the menu Style > Text > Footer and choose textcolor: white. Still there, but fairly hard to see on a white background. (Using version 2.2.1)

  1. Go to the Format menu
  2. Select "Style"
  3. Go to "Header, Footer"
  4. Delete any text that says "$P." There will probably be two of them - one for the odd pages (right), and one for the even pages (left) sections.
    Then no page numbers will appear.

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