Automatic load related SoundFonts when opening a score

• Sep 29, 2015 - 12:37

Hello all,

from the Synthesizer dialog, SoundFont selections and their order can be stored together with the related score in a file.

Feature request:

  • When opening a score with a SoundFont selection, open and activate its SFs also for immediate and correct playback.
  • When switching between tabs/scores, also switch to the related SFs associated with that score for immediate correct playback

This is particular useful when comparing 2 or 3 diffent compositions, arrangements or instrument variations.



There is a reason why it's not done like this for the moment. Loading soundfonts take time, in particular, loading SFZ soundfonts can take several 10s of seconds, or minutes depending on the soundfont size and the performance of the hardware. Switching from tab to tab would then take several seconds and I guess nobody want this.

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I do a lot of work with pipe organ music, and different organs have different room characteristics. The requested feature would be very helpful, and it could be implemented as an option per-score (checkbox to autoload synthesizer properties.) If I set the pipe-organ-sized rooms as defaults, all my other scores would sound terrible.....

Good morning,

I thought about SoundFont settings (SFs) again and came to the following probably easy to implement and lightweight solution:

  1. Add a checkbox Load associated SoundFont settings on File Open [X]
  2. in the global settings.

  3. Add a toolbar button to activate SFs for the current score with one click.
  4. Prepare a Hotkey to activate associated SFs for the current score/tab.

The first proposal is (sort of) already implemented as we can define any SFs as "default" in the Synthesizer dialogue, so MuseScore already knows how do activate a specific SFs on File Open .

The second proposal is also easy to implement because it is just a simple one-click-shortcut for what we can do already in three steps by (1) opening the synthesizer dialogue, (2) click on 'Load SFs from score file' and (3) close synthesizer dialogue.

The third proposal would need to implement a function call for the choosen Hotkey. As all Hotkeys already call functions this might not be to hard to implement, also.

Would be nice to have one or both of these lightweight solutions at hand, soon :-)


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Slight adjustment to your solution. SoundFont loads are 'expensive' and not terribly quick. So, I think the 'preference' option to do this would be best done/stored in the Score Properties, not the app's overall preferences. That way, a composer could define ahead of time that a SoundFont selection was important (and worth the not-inconsiderable extra load time).

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