Sound Font Size

• Nov 29, 2010 - 02:58

Does the size of a soundfont file accurately indicate the quality of the instruments' sounds? I'm guessing it does, since I'm assuming that the larger file size indicates more information about each instrument--is this correct? I have both the fluid and TimGM files, and was wondering if it's worth my time looking for something different. Not complaining, just curious.
I know there is at least one company that has instruments that sound very real, since they actually are recordings. Is there anything like this that can be used in MuseScore? Also, I am signed up with an online notation service that I imagine other members may know of, and be members of, and they have a pro level with instruments that sound(to my untrained ears) at least twice as good as their regular instruments. However, I can't really use them since my computer is only 800Mhz, and there, severely complex(come to think of it, even slightly complex) scores stutter very badly. I basically can't use them until I get a new computer. :-( Sometimes things stutter in MS scores, but not nearly as much as the other place.
I was just wondering.


A large SoundFont requires more memory. If you experience stuttering during playback, try a smaller SoundFont (or close some of the other programs running in the background). A computer with enough memory (RAM) shouldn't have any issues.

The SoundFont page lists some of the best free GM SoundFonts. There is probably better quality SoundFonts available for purchase, but I don't know enough to give recommendations.

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