Pitch up note in chord should move among staff first

• Nov 28, 2010 - 22:34

I frequently use the "pitch up/down note in chord" keyboard shortcut (option+up/down on mac), as it can be much faster than using the mouse. However it will take the whole score at that moment and consider it as one equal chord. So...
1. Create a score with piano and soprano.
2. On the first beat, create a bottom line E in the soprano. (quarter note is fine)
3. On the first beat, create a second line G in the piano right hand, and then shift-5 to create the C one ledger line below the staff (hence, a fifth on the first beat).
4. Escape out of note entry. Click on the piano C.
5. Use option+up, or whatever the keyboard shortcut for "pitch up in chord" is.

Expected: the selection changes to the next note physically up in the score, the piano G.
Actual result: the selection changes to the next note up in pitch among the whole score, the soprano E.

I did not put this in the issue tracker yet because technically it could just be my opinion that this is behaving incorrectly. However, I believe it much more useful to be able to move among the chord of a single staff first, before then moving up to the next staff. For example, if I want to tie all the notes in a chord, I don't want to be changing staves before I get to the rest of the chord. If I remember correctly, Sibelius does what I expect.

So like, in the attached picture, if I press option+up numerous times...
Actual: Pno staff bass clef top E, Bo staff G#, Pno staff treble clef B, Pno staff treble clef E, Ru staff E, Pno staff treble clef G#, Nao staff E
Desired: Pno staff bass clef top E, Pno staff treble clef B, E, G#, Bo staff G#, Ru staff E, Nao staff E

What do you think? Do you agree with me?

R. 3727 and Stable, Mac 10.6.5

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