Brushes for snare drums

• Sep 24, 2015 - 23:20

I have been searching this forum for snare drum brush sounds without finding any!

Does someone have or know of where to get some of these to add to a composition?

Regards, Jack


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No not filter sweeps, I meant naturally sweeps from the brushes. In real life situations at least 50 % of the brush technique contains sweeps with the brushes on the drum skins.

If I am gonna notate and illustrate that for a drummer its impossible with straight and static hits even if they are made with a brush.

This video explains a lot!

Thanks anyway!

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Thank you for taking time to help!

I will look up Rabs Jazzkit immediatly but don´t believe I will handle the technical aspect of key maps... I don´t even know what a key map is! Is it just to load it into Musescore and then what?

Maybe I can get it right or maybe I will end up in an institution for guitar players with small brains :)

Regards, Jack

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A key map is simply a list of which MIDI Key plays which drum sample.

This link......

Gives you all the key maps for the GM2/GS drumkits.

You can use this information together with the Edit Drumset feature in MuseScore to provide custom drumsets which you then save for recall later.

So once you have established which keys produce the swirls etc, then you can use "Edit Drumset" to produce a custom drumset for that soundfont.


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I downloaded Rabs Jazzkit and the swirls sounded really good but the rest of that drum kit where kind of lousy. I thought it was possible to use different Soundfonts in one composition. Like if I wanted a Steinway or professional piano on one track, a slap bass from another sound font producer and for example a trombone, tenor sax and trumpet from a separate third sound font. All together in the same song but with different sound styles.

Maybe I am kind of uneducated in Musescore but I am willing to learn and listen!

Regards, Jack

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I have a question about this: I'm fairly new at Musescore, just so you know.

I found the Mixer, then I selected 'Brushes' from the drop down menu under drums. I set the shortcut to 'A' to get a brush sound, but when I go ahead and try to add some brushes in my composition, I get the notation of brushes but no sound :(

Any help?


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Fluid SoundFont's Brush-Set does not contain real brush-set sounds.
Download masquerade55 sound font here. (18MB)
(if sign-in window open, select: "No thanks continue to view" from bottom)
copy and paste in your "Soundfonts" folder.
and add it to the Synthesizer. View > synthesizer. click Add button.
and "move soundfont up" with Up-arrow icon on synthesizer window.

Download MuseScore drumset file from the attachment. (below)
unzip it, copy and paste to your "Styles" folder.
in Musescore, Right-click to blank place on drum staff, select "edit drumset", click Load > select "brushset.drm"

for testing, download "brush-sample.mscz" file (below)

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brushset_test.mscz 11.99 KB

Thanks Ziya Mete Demircan,

I'm almost there, I think. The only part that is not working is this part of your instruction:

"...and add it to the Synthesizer. View > synthesizer. click Add button."

When I try to add the masquerade to the synthesizer, it does not give me the option, although I followed the steps of copying this file from dropbox into Soundfonts, just as you asked me to do. The only option when I hit "Add" is the old Fluid one.

Plus, when I tried out your brush set test, the playback didn't sound like brushes at all.

Thanks for your help, if you have any to offer :)

I followed the steps below with Musescore 4. Put the files in the appropriate folders, loaded the drm, loaded the mixer, pressed C and the Basic sound was made not the brush. I did get a message saying that the sound font or drm was too old and that MS may not be able to open it. I forgot which file caused the error. Unsuccessful, but I learned about sound fonts. 6/3/23.

Also, with windows 11 it seems that MS has a location in the Documents folder and the Program Files folder. I tried adding the above in both folders with the same result.

If anybody has successfully added a drum brush tap, swirl, and normal to MS4, could you please share the successful steps in detail please?

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Thank you for responding. I followed the steps but hit a wall. I must be missing an implied step or two. Attached in screen shot jpegs A, B, and C is my unsuccessful progression. Can you share what I missed please?

Also, I am still confused on which SoundFont folder to use. Is it the one within the Documents/Musescore/ or Program Files/Musescore/sounds? Which one is it? I put the brush file in both, and it appeared both times in the Mixer. Please see attached screen shot jpeg files.

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Never mess with the Program Files folder directly - only place files in your own folders.

But aside from that, you now need to add notes that use the appropriate MIDI pitches. I don’t think this particular soundfont has a long swoosh sound but I definitely hear taps and short swirls. There are probably other brush kits you can find online, using pitches 25-27 and/or 38-40.

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Thank you for the information. I couldn't find any documentation on how to, "add notes that use the appropriate MIDI Pitches."

I did try to use the letter A on the concert snare when the Brush was chosen in the Mixer, but there was no playback.

Is there any documentation available that is more demonstrative?


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If you select the "Brush" sound in the mixer, you will then find that the regular snare does a tap, the icon to the right of that does a swirl. It's a short one, though. Probably some other soundfont provides more flexibility, but you'd have to do some web searches to find one and then find out which MIDI pitches it uses.

Once you find a soudnfont that suits your needs, then to learn more about how to customize your drumset definition to take advantage of it, see the Handbook chapter on drum notation. You'll also need this to add pitch 39 to your drumset to access the slap sound with the brush kit provided.

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Hi Mark,

Thank you for the advice and time. Unfortunately, I'm not getting it. MS4 without the brushes is still and excellent program and I'm thankful that it is so accessible. Use of the basic sound fount library that is native will work fine.


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