How to add accents?

• Nov 13, 2010 - 19:45

I can't figure out where to drag the accents at!!! Is there something i can read showing me how?


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For the next visitors, you can add an accent by selecting a notehead and double click the symbol you want in the Articulations & Ornaments palette . You can also drag and drop the accent from the palette to the notehead. The notehead should turn red before you drop.

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it is now 2019. the question is nine years old. all humans are cannibal due to the lack of food resources. your petty little 2010 problems mean little to us anymore. not that there are many of us left. half of the earth have left for mars in an attempt to try and escape this horrid place that we used to call earth. i happened to stumble across this page when i found an abandoned laptop in one of those facilities they used to call "scheels" i think, and i decided to write some music to help myself get to sleep at night in our underground bunker. i hope you all figured out how to put an accent on those notes. as for me, well, hopefully i'll live to see tomorrow...

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Not sure if that means you need help adding accents, but to be clear, here are three methods in order of ease:

1) select notes, press "Shift+V"
2) select notes, double-click accent icon in palette
3) drag accents to notes one by one, making sure to drag exactly on top of the note, releasing only when the note changes color and the "no drop" icon changes to "+"

Of these, I believe only the third was an option in 2010.

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The year is now 2020. I finally got electricity and managed to reboot my computer to find this decade-old question. Sadly, I cannot answer it, I'm currently trying to figure out how to get from mars to pluto, as the tiny planet is humanities' last hope after WWIII began. I hope you find the answer to the ancient question. It would be nice to have music again...

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